Employee Engagement

Organization Social Network, Pulse, Polls, Surveys, E-Noticeboards, Custom Groups.

One Platform

Complete engagement stack for teams of all sizes, no matter where your people work.

People analytics

Use powerful insights to take data-driven actions for improving your engagement initiatives.

Powerful Metrics & Analytics

An intuitive dashboard with insights about your employee experience

Easy adoption

Deliver a fun, candid, and frictionless experience with a modern interface.

Create outstanding Employee Engagement.

Selexic Pay's Employee Engagement solutions enable your workforce to fully unleash its full potential, going beyond traditional labour management practices to facilitate an environment in which employees feel motivated, connected and contribute their best work.

Our Process

Perfectly controlling Employee Engagement involves strategic measures

1. Utilize Data Analytics

Leverage data analytics tools to gain insights into engagement levels, identify trends, and make informed decisions to enhance employee satisfaction.

2. Regular Audits

Conduct regular audits of payroll data to identify discrepancies and maintain accuracy. Selexic Pay provides tools for detailed payroll auditing.

3. Employee Training

Invest in training programs to ensure payroll administrators are well-versed in using the system, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

4. Leverage Analytics

Use analytics from Selexic Pay to gain insights into payroll trends, enabling better decision-making and control over expenses.

5. Data Security Measures

Implement robust data security measures to protect sensitive payroll information. Selexic Pay prioritizes data security to safeguard employee and financial data

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

With Payroll, you get all the benefits of an integrated payroll system with none of the hassles. Now easily run payroll, disburse salaries directly and make TDS payments in a few clicks. Focus on what matters most to your business, while Open takes care of your payroll and compliance.

  • Manage the complete life cycle of employees from onboarding to exit seamlessly, at one place.
  • Manage, track and report everything related to your payroll in a few clicks.
  • Disburse salary directly into employee’s bank account, create and approve payslip and more.
  • No more messy excel sheets, switching between banks & government portals to pay salaries or file TDS!