Labour Contractor Management

Manage contract labor and contingent workforce. Improve labour productivity and enhance operational efficiency, bringing down overall cost.

Attendance Tracking Made Simple

Say Goodbye to Manual Attendance Registers: Selexic Pay offers accurate and real time attendance tracking that simplifies labour attendance management for seamless compliance with labour law compliance, making getting paid seamless and reliable! Getting Paid Has Never Been

Salary and Payments

Our system takes the hassle out of salary and payment management. From timely disbursements to accurate calculations, Selexic Pay ensures that your labour contractors are compensated efficiently and without errors.

Compliance with Indian Labour Laws

Navigating the complex landscape of Indian labour laws is made easier with Selexic Pay.

Multilingual Support

India is a land of diverse languages, and Selexic Pay acknowledges that diversity. Our platform supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users across the country.

What We Manage?

Empowering Your Labour Contractor Management Effortlessly

Selexic Pay offers comprehensive labour contractor management solutions tailored specifically for Indian companies. We recognize the challenges involved with overseeing such an ever-evolving labour contractor market as India.

How We Do It?

Benefits of using Labour Contractor Management Software.



Fully automated Labor Management Information System process from Attendance to Billing



Complete shift , overtime , comp- off management as per configurable company business rules & statutory norms


Web Based

Web based software with multiple locations & Contractor masters. Access to all legal & Statutory compliences.



Better manpower Planning & Workforce projection. Paperless record keeping & calculations avoiding human errors.