Candidate Sourcing, Advanced Job, Candidate & Offer Management, Reports.

Applicant Tracking

An effective ATS can streamline candidate management from application through onboarding, making hiring more streamlined than ever.

Interview Scheduling

Schedule 1 way & 2-way interviews with a single click. Avoid delays in interviews and close the open positions faster.

Candidate Screening & Shortlisting

Screen & shortlist candidates with 99% accurate resume parsing which is built on AI. Avoid hiring bias & recruit the best talent for your organization.

Reports & Analytics

Collecting and analyzing data is essential. So our tracking system provides in-depth analysis and detailed performance reports.

Hire at rocket-speed with the best recruitment software

Recruitment is an integral component of business operations, and Selexic Pay offers an comprehensive Labour Contractor Management solution with our Recruitment module that makes the hiring process simple while helping identify top talent to build dynamic workforce that propels forward your organization.

Our Process

To perfectly control the recruitment process, you need to take strategic measures

1. Leverage Technology

Selexic Pay's Recruitment module uses advanced technology to automate tasks, minimize errors, and improve overall efficiency.

2. Regular Audits and Reviews

Conduct regular audits of your recruitment data and processes to identify areas for improvement and ensure compliance with labour regulations.

3. Training Programs for Hiring Teams

Invest in training programs for your hiring teams to familiarize them with the recruitment module, reducing errors and ensuring optimal use.

4. Analytics for Informed Decisions

Utilize analytics tools to gain insights into recruitment trends, identify successful channels, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

5. Stay Compliant

Regularly update your recruitment processes to stay compliant with evolving labour laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues.

A complete applicant tracking system provides benefits to both the recruiter and the candidate.

Automates your entire recruitment process right from posting job online to on-boarding of new recruits. It's used by all sizes of organization to track, manage, and communicate with a large number of candidates to automate the recruiting process.

  • Acquire the right talent faster than ever.
  • With right metrics comes great hires.