Time & Attendance Management System

Attendance management that empowers your workforce.

Real-Time Tracking

Effective labour management begins with real-time tracking. Selexic Pay offers a robust solution that offers instantaneous insights into employee attendance patterns, helping reduce errors and boost payroll accuracy.

Biometric Integration

Integrate biometric solutions seamlessly to ensure accurate attendance tracking with Selexic Pay's Time & Attendance module supporting biometric technology as an effortless identification solution.

Flexible Scheduling

Look for software that supports dynamic scheduling and flexible work arrangements such as Selexic Pay's Shift Optimization system to ensure all personnel are present when required.

Automated Leave Management

Accelerate leave management processes through automation with Selexic Pay's online request for leave feature, making approval easy while decreasing administrative overhead costs.

Components you need to look for in an Time & Attendance Management software.

Welcome to Selexic Pay, your partner in Labour Contractor Management! Our Time & Attendance solution provides efficiency, accuracy and compliance in labour management - it's also a revolutionary way of overseeing your workforce! And here at Selexic Pay we want to make the most out of it all for your benefit!

Our Process

Perfectly controlling Time & Attendance management requires a strategic approach

1. Leverage Advanced Technology

Selexic Pay's Time & Attendance module incorporates advanced technology for precise control over labour hours and attendance data.

2. Regular Audits and Reviews

Conduct regular audits of Time & Attendance data to identify discrepancies and maintain accuracy.

3. Employee Training

Invest in training programs to ensure employees are well-versed in using the Time & Attendance system, reducing errors.

4. Utilize Analytics

Leverage analytics from Selexic Pay to gain insights into attendance patterns, enabling better decision-making and control.

5. Adapt to Feedback

Be open to feedback from users and stakeholders, using it to adapt your Time & Attendance processes for optimal control.

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

Intelligent cloud-based attendance management software that enables real-time tracking and provides automated inputs for payroll processing in few minutes without any manual interventions. Increase employee productivity,Reduce errors & admin cost, Enhance security.

  • Easy access to all documentation.
  • Timesheets integrated with projects.
  • Automation in rostering and shift assignment.
  • Identify inefficient practices of employees with the detailed Activity Logs