Rewards And Recognition

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Advanced Features

Enables Digital Transformation of HR Practices

Best Practices

Incorporates Best Practices of Rewards and Recognition.


Quick Implementation based on Business Requirements


Works across Geographies, Industry and Workforce.

Enrich your Company Culture with the Best Rewards & Recognition Platform.

Selexic Pay's Rewards Recognition feature can unlock the potential of your workforce. Elevate employee morale, productivity and satisfaction through a bespoke system that recognizes outstanding contributions made to company goals.

Our Process

Creating a Business Process Model for Rewards Recognition

1. Define Recognition Criteria

Clearly outline the criteria for receiving recognition, whether it's based on individual achievements, teamwork, or specific performance metrics.

2. Establish Recognition Channels

Identify the channels through which recognition will be communicated, whether through internal platforms, emails, or physical announcements.

3. Set Approval Workflows

Define approval workflows to ensure that recognition aligns with organizational values and standards before being communicated.

4. Integrate with Performance Reviews

Seamlessly integrate the Rewards Recognition model with regular performance reviews, ensuring a holistic approach to acknowledging employee contributions.

5. Continuous Feedback Loop

Implement a continuous feedback loop, allowing employees to share their thoughts on the recognition process and suggesting improvements for a more inclusive program.

Perfectly controlling Rewards Recognition involves strategic measures to ensure fairness and effectiveness

  • Establish transparent criteria for rewards, ensuring that employees understand the expectations and parameters for recognition.
  • Conduct regular audits of the Rewards Recognition system to evaluate its impact on employee engagement and adjust criteria as needed.