Configurable Pay Scales, Integrated I/O Flows, Compliance Management, Reports

Automated Calculation

Make sure your Payroll Process incorporates automated calculation features to reduce errors and save time completing manual calculations manually.

Tax Compliance

Look for an automated solution that stays current with tax laws and regulations, like Selexic Pay's automatic adjusters that ensure tax calculations comply with current legislation thereby decreasing risk and errors.

Integration with Attendance System

Selexic Pay's Time & Attendance data integration ensures accurate compensation based on actual hours worked.

Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees with self-service features offered by Selexic Pay. Employees can easily access pay stubs, tax documents and payroll-related info through its user-friendly portal, alleviating HR's administrative workload.

Components you need to look for in an Payroll Management software.

Welcome to Selexic Pay - your partner in comprehensive Labour Contractor Management! Our Payroll Process was designed to make labour management simpler while still guaranteeing accuracy, compliance and efficiency in its execution.

Our Process

Perfectly controlling the Payroll Process involves strategic management

1. Utilize Payroll Software

Selexic Pay's Payroll Process module incorporates advanced technology for precise control over salary calculations, tax deductions, and reporting.

2. Regularly Assess Employee Feedback

Encourage open communication and regularly assess employee feedback to understand their needs, concerns, and suggestions for improvement.

3. Personalize Engagement Initiatives

Tailor engagement initiatives to suit the diverse needs and preferences of your workforce, creating a more personalized and meaningful experience.

4. Leadership Involvement

Ensure leadership is actively involved in engagement initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

5. Celebrate Successes

Acknowledge and celebrate engagement successes, whether it's reaching milestones, achieving team goals, or recognizing outstanding individual contributions.

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

A revolutionary rewards and recognition software and an employee engagement platform that can help you meet these challenges.

  • Accelerate employee wellness and emotional loyalty.
  • Facilitate employee listening and engage remote workers.
  • Digitize the total rewards process to reduce costs and manual efforts.
  • Create and measure an effective employee engagement program and enhance employee motivation.